Monday, February 22, 2010

Love This

Today I found this article, called "Love Notes for Special Needs Parents"

It is at

I really needed this today.  My older son has autism and a seizure disorder.  My younger son has been having some issues as well, and on Friday we had him tested for seizures.  We will get the results on Wednesday. 

He has been going through some testing at school.  Today I got a call from the school social worker, who wanted to know if I wanted to observe a communication disorder class that the "experts" are considering as a placement for him.  This threw me.  I knew that he had some attention issues, and he can be a bit intense, and if he is having seizures, treating them will help with these issues.  I am not yet ready to slap a label on him and stick him into a special class. 

The ironic thing is that I observed this class years ago as a possible placement for my older son.  I liked the class and wanted it for him, but at the IEP meeting, the teacher sat at the table and told me and everybody else that her class "wasn't equipped for children who have sensory needs, etc. blah blah blah".  She just didn't want to deal with having a child with autism in her class!  Long story short, he ended up in the "autism program", which was basically a sub-par babysitting class.  I really hadn't given this much thought recently, as his current placement is good, and he has been doing better lately, but having this class put out there as a possible placement for my younger son has brought back a lot of feelings that I'd forgotten that I had. 

Anyway, I guess it's all cyclical somehow.  The hurt ebbs and flows, and it always seems to come around again at some point. 

Check out these love notes - they're really great

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  1. I am sorry to hear this. Thinking of you. The trials and tribulations of life!